Kids (and kids-at-heart) across the globe have been taping rainbow drawings to their windows to spread a message of hope during this difficult time. But long before phrases like “social distancing” and “flatten the curve” were rooted in the everyday lexicon, the LIRR was collaborating with a local artist to design a rainbow window of its own at one of the busiest train stations in the country.

Phase I of the Jamaica Capacity Improvement (JCI) Project—a critical effort to reduce congestion, enhance service reliability, and increase train capacity through Jamaica Station—includes a multi-colored jewel of a passageway. As part of this essential infrastructure project, NYC-based craftsman James Little was brought on board for a unique glass installation along a series of overpasses and staircases leading to the JFK AirTrain and LIRR mezzanine.

Jamaica Station - Rainbow Glass Installation - 06-22-20

JCI Phase I comprises the construction of the new Jamaica Station “Platform F” (which allows separation of Brooklyn-bound service) along with rail yard reconfigurations, new crossovers, and other track infrastructure modifications. The project is taking place within one of the most heavily used interlockings in North America, while maintaining passenger rail service throughout the construction period.

A quick highlight of art (and non-art) activities at Jamaica Station

The completed staircase provides an immediate wayfinding signal for Brooklyn-bound commuters. From the top, a birds-eye view:

Multi-hued glass offers a sense of movement and vibrancy as the light shifts throughout the day

In recent weeks, the dedicated project team has been retooling their protocols to ensure JCI progresses safely during COVID-19, establishing a system of telecommuting and rotating site coverage. The project recently achieved a major milestone when Platform F acheived substantial completion. We’re looking forward to the day when all our regular commuters return to see our progress and use these new facilities.

Jamaica Station - Rainbow Glass Installation - 06-22-20