Canopy Steel Erected at Jamaica Station

Jamaica Capacity Improvements - 04-01-19Construction continues to progress at the Jamaica Capacity Improvements project, which is modernizing critical LIRR infrastructure in and around Jamaica station. The project will streamline train routing, enhance service, increase train capacity, and ultimately improve train speeds through Jamaica. The first phase of improvements to Jamaica includes the construction of a new Platform “F” south of the existing Platforms “A–E.” This new platform will provide customers with frequent and direct service to Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn, which will allow for more regular train service between the two stations.

At Platform F, the erection of canopy steel is complete, structural steel painting is ongoing and various utility installations are in progress. The installation of stainless steel ceiling panels and architectural finishes (railings, curtain wall, stainless steel panels, etc.) will begin shortly. The existing JCC architectural concrete columns will be restored, and the concrete deck topping slab will be installed. The curb for the platform waiting room is soon to be poured and, once the curb is set, the waiting room’s metal and glass panels will be built atop it – the entire structure will match the existing platform (“A-E”) waiting rooms.

The concrete deck for the portal bridge to and from Platform F is complete; supports for track wayfinding signage have been installed. Double crossover track slab has been constructed at the western end of Platform F – the second layer of the retaining wall is being built and will join/be built into the existing Johnson Yard retaining wall. Two staircases will be installed for employee access to the tracks.

On the Sutphin Boulevard Bridge Deck, drainage and waterproofing work has been completed, and hand-hold boxes for cable pass-through have been delivered to the deck to provide power and/or communications platform systems (CCTV, elevator, escalator, PA system and lighting). Ballast and sub-ballast for Track 11 will be laid in the spring. At Westerly Bridge, rebar for the deck has been installed in preparation for the pouring of concrete. Two new prefabricated staircases will be installed to connect the bridge to Platform F.

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