Construction Advances at Brentwood Station

Brentwood Station 10-10-18Construction is advancing at Brentwood Station. The west‐facing wall is now covered with dark blue ceramic tile, while the remaining three station walls are entirely glass. Electrical and plumbing rough‐in are complete, new lighting fixtures have been delivered to the site and the fire alarm has been installed and is being tested. The installation of ceiling and wall paneling has commenced, the restroom walls have been tiled and the Terrazzo floor installation is complete. The roof is almost complete.

A designer brick wall has been installed alongside the stairs leading to the station entrance, and an ADA ramp to the platform has been installed. Paving stones have been placed in the plaza and the sidewalk is finished, including curb cuts leading to Platform A, and new lampposts will soon be installed along the sidewalk. A retaining wall to support the transformer for the third rail is now in place.