Construction Progress on New Platform F at LIRR Jamaica Station

Jamaica Capacity Improvements 06-14-19The construction of the new Platform F and associated track and signaling infrastructure at Jamaica Station is making visible progress. The platform is part of ongoing preparation for a projected increased passenger demand in advance of new service to the east side of Manhattan as part of the East Side Access project.

Platform F ImageThe new platform also includes stairs, elevators and pedestrian connecting bridges to integrate it with the overall Jamaica LIRR complex.


At Platform F, the installation of stainless-steel ceiling panels and trusses continues toward the western end of the platform. Further progress includes welding of the architectural column enclosures, heat trace installation of utilities underneath the platform and structural steel painting. Over the course of the last month, the delivery and flash butt welding of rail for new platform tracks and the employee staircase connecting the platform to the yard were completed.


All concrete has been poured, and the precast stairs, which will connect the platform to the mezzanine, have been installed. Further utility installation and preparation for escalator installation have commenced.


Work at this location includes the completed installation of a ballast mat which will dampen track vibration, evenly distribute train loads and protect the ballast below. Communications, electrical and elevator machine room block work is nearly complete, and architectural concrete columns and street-level stairs for the AirTrain building have been poured.


The Westerly Bridge now connects Platform F to the pedestrian overpass that links tracks 1-8 at Jamaica Station. Stairs 1 & 2, and associated handrails, have been partially installed, and windscreen framing is in process. Block walls for the west end communications and maintenance rooms have been mostly installed beneath the bridge.

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