Construction Progresses at Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridge Replacements Projects

Accabonac Road Bridge - 03-01-19

Construction continues to progress at the Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridges replacement project, which comprises two entire bridge replacements, raising them higher by a few feet to reduce or eliminate truck strikes. The brand-new bridges are under construction in a factory in Pennsylvania and, once finished, will be shipped from New Jersey by barge.

Two new retaining wall installations east of Accabonac Road are complete, and another retaining wall between the two bridges is being installed. The walls are being constructed with concrete blocks that vary in size and shape and which, at the request of the East Hampton Village Board, have been dyed an earth tone intended to be aesthetically consistent with the village’s character.  A contract for drill shaft foundations is currently being awarded – there will be four drill shaft foundations at each bridge. Drilling begins this spring.

The new bridges will be installed during this fall beginning on Tuesday, October 15th, the day after Columbus Day 2019, when a 26-day track outage commences so crews can work 24 hours per day to install the new bridges.  The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

These low-hanging bridges have been the site of many accidents over the years caused by trucks striking the bridges, resulting in train delays in both directions while LIRR crews worked to determine the bridge’s safety and structural stability before restoring train service. The new height clearance will allow trucks to safely pass underneath the bridges, improving safety and reliability for vehicles and for LIRR passengers.

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