Continued Progress at Carle Place Station

Progress continues at the Carle Place Station Enhancement Project.

The relocation of the southern utility poles is complete, and the western halves of the eastbound and westbound platforms have been demolished: the reconstruction of the western half of the westbound platform has begun; the reconstruction of the eastbound platform will commence in May.

The relocation of the northern utility poles begins next month, as does the demolition of the eastern half of the eastbound platform. In July the pedestrian bridge will be demolished and the reconstruction of the eastern half of the platforms will begin. The demolition of the existing eastern half of the westbound platform will begin in September, as will the installation of elevators (to be completed by February 2020). Reconstruction of the new pedestrian bridge begins in October and will be completed by December.

Carle Place Station 03-29-19Station improvements include: platform removal and replacement to accommodate a new third track; platform canopies; new platform furnishings and accouterments including benches, shelters and signage; CCTV security cameras to improve safety; ADA-compliant mobility improvements including ramps; free public Wi-Fi; USB charging stations and digital information displays. The existing overpass is being replaced and will include ADA-accessible elevators. New bike racks and artwork will also be installed, as will a Stonehinge Lane Roundabout to facilitate passenger drop-offs and pick-ups. The entire station will be finished and open by March 2020.

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