Design-Builder Incentive Program Results Are In!

As part of the LIRR Expansion Project, the MTA developed the Design-Builder Incentive Program to assess contractor 3rd Track Constructors’ (3TC) adherence to contractually obligated community and environmental commitments. 3TC is eligible to earn an incentive of up to $250,000 each quarter by meeting or exceeding these commitments: when the commitments are met, everyone wins.

Over 2,700 community scorecards were distributed to residents throughout the project corridor to solicit input on 3TC’s first-quarter performance, and over 400 stakeholders participated in the program. Community input is quantitatively weighted into the final quarterly incentive, so residents, local businesses and community leaders have a significant voice in the final award.

For the first quarter of 2019, 3TC earned an incentive award of $188,500 out of a possible $250,000.  Respondents in Hicksville and Garden City Park awarded 3TC with the highest scores, while respondents in Carle Place and stakeholders outside the project corridor gave 3TC the lowest marks. 3TC received positive marks on protecting access to businesses, notifying commuters about station platform and parking changes, and 3TC hotline inquiry response times. 3TC will continue to improve on noise and vibrations emanating from construction sites, dust and debris on streets, effectiveness of vehicular traffic detours and satellite parking for workers. The community scorecard for the second quarter of 2019 has been distributed and can be accessed here:

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