East Side Access Track Installation Continues to Advance

In Manhattan and Queens, the ESA team is installing track and third rail for future Long Island Rail Road trains to run from Harold Interlocking in Queens to the new terminal under Grand Central. Approximately 40 percent of track has been installed throughout the alignment.

To install the new track, each tie block is placed on the tunnel floor, then an alignment machine spaces each block appropriately and a galvanized e-clip secures the length of rail to each block. The alignment of both the rail and blocks is set to very tight tolerance by sophisticated survey equipment to ensure proper installation: once secured, the entire system is raised and ready for concrete. Concrete is then set to stabilize the system from the bottom up.

This series captures a concrete pour operation for the installation of new tracks approximately 100′ below Park Avenue and 52nd Street. This is one of two track crossovers where trains coming from Long Island will be directed to one of the lower level passenger platforms.