Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Platforms Installed at Nostrand Av Station

Nostrand Avenue Station Rehabilitation - 03-28-19Construction continues to progress at Nostrand Avenue Station. Girders are up along the eastbound platform and, at the southeast quadrant of the station, structural steel is being installed, an overpass has been erected and a new staircase will be installed. The new eastbound and westbound platforms are FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer) platforms with new tactile strips – FRP is lighter than concrete and more resistant to salt. The last section of concrete platform, about 120 feet, on the eastbound side, will be removed

On the westbound side of the station, one staircase has been removed, and the other is scheduled to be removed this spring. Ultimately there will be two new elevators and four new staircases at Nostrand Avenue once the station is finished, two at each platform. Artwork will be installed along the southwest pedestrian bridge on the eastbound platform and along the platform canopy wall. The station will also have MTA Help Points.

Target completion of the entire project is November of this year. The rehabilitated station is part of a broader effort to modernize LIRR rail stations and contribute to the economic development of Long Island and the wider region.

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