Future Mid-Day Train Storage Yard Will Support LIRR Service to New East Side Terminal

Construction of the future Long Island Rail Road Mid-Day Storage Yard in Queens is more than 50 percent complete – the new yard is one of the final components of the East Side Access project. Once completed the yard will enable the LIRR to store train cars between the morning and evening peak travel hours, supporting more efficient operations. The photos below illustrate the progress made at the site.

The contractor has cleared the area and demolished several existing structures, including the Montauk Cutoff Bridge and old rail maintenance buildings.

Mid Day Storage Yard 03-27-19

October 2017

Since the yard was cleared, 150 light poles, 51,000 linear feet of duct bank and 23 car maintainer platforms have been installed – the new car maintainer platforms will allow Long Island Rail Road crews to fix train cars and perform preventive maintenance. Miles of conduit and utilities are now in place throughout the 33-acre yard. 

Mid Day Storage Yard 03-27-19

Two of the eight Central Instrumentation Location units that control the movement of trains in the yard have been set.

All five sections of the personnel bridge superstructure that spans the yard are now in place. Staircases and a concrete walkway have been installed, and contractors will soon fit out the bridge with a roof, lighting and architectural finishes.

Mid Day Storage Yard 03-27-19

The construction of the Mid-Day Storage Yard will continue into 2020 with the demolition of existing structures, the installation of utilities and the placement of track, switches, signals and traction power systems. Once completed, the Mid-Day Storage Yard will provide the LIRR with a new train storage facility comprising 24 layup tracks, nine miles of new railroad tracks, and more than 81 switches. The yard will hold upwards of 300 train cars during the day and permit faster turnaround for trains going in and out of the new LIRR terminal beneath Grand Central.

For more information on East Side Access and the Long Island Rail Road Modernization Program please visit the ESA project page on AModernLI.com – http://www.amodernli.com/project/east-side-access/.