Innovative Construction of New Elevators at Murray Hill Benefits Community

Construction of New Elevators at Murray Hill Station - 1-29-19

Construction of new elevators at Murray Hill Station is progressing, even in cold weather. The work includes removing existing concrete retaining walls, excavation, and forming and placing concrete for the new elevators.  To help keep the project on schedule, a heated area has been established within a barricaded zone- which segregates construction work and helps LIRR better manage resources. The old retaining wall for the westbound elevator shaft has already been demolished, and the demolition of the eastbound retaining wall is underway.

Safer, Quieter Construction

The removal of the old retaining walls require the concrete to be sawcut, then rock-drilled and rock-split to remove it. This tripartite demolition process makes the removal of the old walls safer and much quieter for the surrounding community – rock-drilling creates holes in the concrete and splits it, so there’s no “banging” noise during demolition. Additionally, sheer “H-piles” have been installed down to 35 feet prior to excavation, so timber lagging to support the excavation can be installed between the H-piles as demolition progresses.

The old concrete retaining walls did not have rebar (“reinforcing bar”), a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and aid the concrete under tension: the new retaining walls will have rebar and will be stronger than the old retaining walls.

A Heated Work Zone

Barricades are in place on the eastbound and westbound sides of the station to ensure the safety of LIRR customers. There is also a structure on the westbound side of the station, behind the barricades, which keeps the project space warm enough on cold winter days for crews to continue working and for concrete to be poured.

A pit slab for the westbound elevator construction is being built in early February, followed by the construction of the new elevator shaft walls. The new ADA-compliant elevators will be supplied by North American Elevator, Inc., a New York City-based company.

The installation of new elevators at Murray Hill Station are part of the overall enhancement and modernization of the station, which serves approximately 1,203 daily customers. This $11.5 million project, which is expected to be completed by June 2019, includes new lighting in the area surrounding the elevators, CCTV security cameras, signage and bird control. This project is part of a larger LIRR initiative to improve service for LIRR customers and to support the growth of the economy of Long Island.

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