Labor of Love: Enhanced Deer Park Station Blooms on Ronkonkoma Branch

Deer Park Station 01-09-20

It’s all about the dahlias. The Deer Park Dahlias, that is, William Low’s exquisite “Deer Park Dahlias” (2018), which were installed in the enhanced Deer Park Station. The artwork is derived from the local area’s botanic legacy: Central Park was first landscaped with ornamental trees and shrubs that had been grown in Deer Park, and the town was well known for annual dahlia festivals. The area is still a floral site, with several wholesale nurseries near to the station. Deer Park Dahlias acknowledges this specific, but not widely known, aspect of the community.

Beyond this beautiful installation, LIRR customers, more than 6,000 per day, now enjoy renewed platforms, free public Wi-Fi, USB charging stations and digital information totems. The area surrounding the station has been rehabilitated with sidewalk and curb improvements and new bike racks. It was truly a labor of love.

Deer Park Station 01-09-20Deer Park Station in the 1940s

Deer Park Station was first established in 1842. There was a series of station buildings over the years and, as part of the 1987 Ronkonkoma electrification project, the station was relocated further east from its original location and rebuilt with new high-level platforms.

Deer Park Station 01-09-20

With the completion of the Double Track Project, the upgraded Deer Park Station is a crucial contributor to the ability of LIRR to accommodate future increases in ridership. Enhancements to Deer Park Station are part of a broader LIRR initiative to support the growth and development of Long Island. For more information, please visit the Deer Park Station Enhancement project page on