LIRR Expansion Project Announces STEM Competition

The LIRR Expansion Project’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and Safety Educational Program is a collaborative effort with schools and other education organizations along the project corridor.

To foster relationships with schools and students along the project corridor, as well as to inspire interest in the LIRR Expansion Project, project leadership has launched the first LIRR Expansion Project STEM Competition. Students in grades 6 through 12 at specific schools along the project corridor are encouraged to participate. Entrants must enroll by February 28, 2019.

As part of the competition, participants will respond to a prompt through either a poster or a video submission.  Entries will be judged based on grade level. Click here for a more detailed description of the competition.

Through this educational outreach program, students are encouraged to apply STEM studies to a real-world, local project.  Students will also be exposed to a wide variety of STEM professionals working on the project.

A special panel of judges will announce the winners in May. Students wishing to participate must enroll by February 28, 2019 by emailing All submissions will be due April 15, 2019. Students are also encouraged to learn more about the LIRR Expansion Project; for more information about the project, please visit and