LIRR Expansion Team Discusses Covert Avenue Detours and Reopening of New Covert Avenue Underpass at Village of New Hyde Park Board Meeting

New Hyde Park Board Meeting September 2019

On September 19th, the LIRR Expansion Project Team attended the Village of New Hyde Park September board meeting to address traffic inquiries regarding Covert Avenue detours and the reopening of the new Covert Avenue underpass; the team also provided attendees with an overview of upcoming construction work in the Village, including the enhancement of the New Hyde Park LIRR Station.

The Covert Avenue grade crossing has long posed a safety risk to drivers, pedestrians and LIRR customers, contributed to noise and air pollution and caused lengthy commutes for both drivers and LIRR customers: as trains approach the station in New Hyde Park, grade crossing gates are down 32 to 42 percent of the time in the AM and PM peak hour periods. The elimination of the Covert Avenue grade crossing is part of the LIRR Expansion Project to strengthen the reliability of LIRR infrastructure and to support the growth and development of Long Island and the wider region. For more information and photos of ongoing construction, please visit the Covert Avenue Grade Crossing Elimination project page on

The construction of a third track from Floral Park to Hicksville will reduce train congestion and delays and enable true bi-directional service during peak hours with a more reliable rail network. This transformative work includes several related projects, including the construction of parking garages, retaining walls, improvements to rail bridges and the removal of eight street-level grade crossings. Construction is being managed to minimize the impact on daily routines, with extensive mitigation and public outreach efforts in local communities. For more information please visit the LIRR Expansion Project page on