Reaching Out: Floral Park Community Kept in the Loop By LIRR Expansion Team Ahead of South Tyson Bridge Work

S Tyson Canvassing 1

As part of the LIRR and 3TC project team’s commitment to community engagement, Dan Hannan, a safety team member with 3TC, canvassed Floral Park and spoke with local community members about the upcoming construction work, ensuring they knew what to expect when the bridge was installed this past weekend.  Dan engaged with residents about the benefits of the new bridge, which now holds three railroad tracks, the latest stretch of third track as part of the 9.8-mile LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park. Dan also kept community members informed about what to expect throughout the weekend.

S Tyson Canvassing 2

The South Tyson Avenue Bridge, located in the Village of Floral Park along the LIRR Main Line, is a steel through-girder bridge that spans over South Tyson Avenue; the Floral Park Viaduct is an adjacent elevated concrete structure supported by concrete column piers located west of South Tyson Avenue. The bridge, in service since 1958, has been modified, and a new two-track bay bridge has been installed to address an existing Main Line bottleneck – where four tracks merge into two – to create room for a new third track. The new third track now originates with the Hempstead Branch, then merges with the Main Line east of South Tyson Avenue to accommodate a future increase in capacity on the Main Line.

For more information, and photos and videos of construction, please visit the South Tyson Avenue Bridge Modification project page on –