LIRR’s Penn Station Ticket Office Temporarily Relocated as New Penn Entrance Project Progresses

East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse Ticket Window - 12-11-19

The transformation of Penn Station continues to move forward, with construction related to the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse project requiring the temporary relocation of the LIRR’s Ticket Office. On Wednesday, the now-former ticket office was closed as the relocated Ticket Office, with six ticket windows, opened between the Main Gate area and the Central Corridor, just a short distance on the LIRR concourse. The LIRR’s Customer Service Office also relocated alongside the six temporary ticket windows.

Maintaining the highest levels of customer service throughout the East End Gateway construction is the MTA’s priority, and this new ticketing area was fast-tracked to keep up with customer needs throughout construction. Moving just down the concourse allows the current ticket office to be demolished and reimagined as part of Phase 2 of the East End Gateway project. The new space features three full-service windows, including one ADA accessible window. Click this link for a map showing the new location.

More to Come

A Public Information Center (PIC) will be opening at the concourse level. The PIC will be a resource to inform the public about the ongoing construction activities, exciting new features of the Penn East End Gateway – LIRR Concourse and will host events, such as lectures and project information sessions. The overall Penn Station redevelopment master plan continues to move forward and will fully transform the LIRR Concourse into a modern, world-class transportation hub. For more information and construction photos, please visit the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse project page on