Look up! Visible Viaduct Repair Progress at Rockville Centre and Lynbrook

You can see the ongoing repairs at the Lynbrook and Rockville Centre railroad Viaducts. The project to repair the aging concrete structures is on schedule, and fresh concrete patches are visible on some of the viaduct columns and on the underside of these massive structures. Cracks are also being sealed, and repairs to the drainage system are taking place. Work on both projects began in August and will prolong the life of the viaducts.

At Rockville Centre, most of the columns and the underside of the Viaduct require patches, with some columns stripped to replace sections of broken rebar. Several columns were wrapped with a fiberglass casing prior to the current project. Progress at Rockville Centre can be seen in these three “then and now” photos:

At Lynbrook, much of the patch work is on the underside of the platform, which is being modernized as a separate project.

The rehabilitation of these viaducts will take approximately one year. For more information and photos of ongoing construction, please visit the Rockville Centre Viaduct and Lynbrook Viaduct project pages on AModernLI.com.