New Platform Construction Continues at Jamaica Station

Jamaica Capacity Improvements - Westerly Bridge Shielding - 02-04-19

Progress continues on the construction of a new platform at Jamaica Station, including the erection of steel for the platform canopy, the bolt-up and welding of steel for the Westerly & Portal Bridges, the painting of steel, the installation of platform utilities and the preparation of concrete decking for the Portal and Westerly Bridges.  The contractor also recently completed the construction of a new sheetpile retaining wall on the west end of the job site. Looking ahead, the contractor will begin installing architectural elements, continue with the installation of utilities and wrap up the concrete decking on the new Portal and Westerly Bridges. The new platform will be outfitted with a glass-enclosed heated waiting area, free public Wi-Fi and charging stations.

The Jamaica Capacity Improvements project (JCI) seeks to modernize critical LIRR infrastructure in and around Jamaica Station, some of which has not seen a major upgrade since 1913. JCI, which includes a full state-of-good-repair of all Jamaica railroad infrastructure (including replacement of critical power and signal systems), will:

  • streamline train routing
  • enhance service
  • increase train capacity
  • improve train speeds through Jamaica.
  • extend all existing platforms to accommodate 12-car trains
  • build two new track routes east of the station to increase train capacity
  • install higher speed switches both east and west of the station.

Overall, the Jamaica Capacity Improvements project will accommodate growing ridership on the LIRR and further the development of Jamaica Station as a central hub for LIRR passengers.

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