New South Tyson Avenue Bridge to Be Installed August 17th-18th

Construction of New South Tyson Avenue Bridge - 07-01-19

Construction of the new South Tyson Avenue Bridge is underway: the extension of abutment and wing wall is in progress, with bridge roll-in scheduled for August 17, 2019 and project completion on August 29, 2019. The viaduct carrying the tracks for the Hempstead Branch from Floral Park Station – where the Hempstead Branch separates from the Main Line – has been extended, and the new South Tyson Avenue Bridge will bring these tracks from the viaduct to the new third track.

The bridge, in service since 1958, is being modified, and a new two-track bay bridge is being installed to address an existing Main Line bottleneck – where four tracks merge into two – to create room for a new third track. The new third track will originate from the Hempstead Branch, then merge with the Main Line east of South Tyson Avenue to accommodate a future increase in capacity on the Main Line.

As of July 8, South Tyson Avenue, under the railroad tracks between Tyson Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, is closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the morning and early afternoon – the closure will last approximately five weeks. Detours have been established to help get around the closure:

  • All traffic and pedestrians will be directed to Tulip Avenue
  • The construction team will provide cones, flagmen and signage at the work site to minimize interruptions and to direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Please see the map below for details.

LIRR Expansion Project South Tyson Detours 07-01-19

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