Project Overview

In November 2019 the LIRR installed new single span steel bridge structures at Accabonac Road and North Main Street Bridges, replacing two aging lower clearance structures. Bridge removal and replacement took approximately 23 days.

The Accabonac Road and North Main Street Bridges, located in the Village of East Hampton along the Montauk Branch, were constructed in 1895. The North Main Street Bridge is the westernmost bridge and had a posted clearance of 10 feet; 500 feet away the Accabonac Road Bridge, the easternmost bridge, had a posted clearance of 9 feet 9 inches. These low-hanging bridges were the site of many accidents over the years caused by trucks striking the bridges, resulting in train delays in both directions while LIRR crews worked to determine the bridge’s safety and structural stability before restoring train service. In 2015, there were 9 incidents in which vehicles struck the overpasses, reiterating the need to improve safety and reliability for both vehicles and LIRR passengers by replacing these low-hanging bridges. The new height clearance at each bridge now allows trucks to safely pass underneath the bridges.

The project took about 18 months and, in addition to the installation of new bridges, included abutments, retaining walls and site drainage. The overall cost of the project is approximately $21 million.