Project Overview

Between October 5 through October 9, LIRR road crews replaced Buckram Road Bridge.

The Buckram Road Bridge, built in 1889, is in the Hamlet of Locust Valley in the Town of Oyster Bay on the Oyster Bay Branch. The LIRR has replaced the existing steel three span bridge with a new single span steel bridge, and the bridge’s vertical clearance has been raised to 14 feet, meeting the NYSDOT standard. The reduction in the number of spans will help to reduce overall maintenance costs. This low-hanging bridge was formerly the site of many accidents caused by trucks striking the bridge, resulting in train delays in both directions. In 2017, there were five strikes to this bridge, demonstrating the need to improve the bridge’s safety and reliability for both vehicles and LIRR passengers.

The new bridge’s height clearance allows trucks to safely pass underneath. In addition to raising the bridge height, work included raising the track elevation to allow for additional clearance under the new bridge, constructing associated retaining walls, relocating utility lines and cables for the removal of the existing bridge, removal of the existing bridge, re-profiling and re-surfacing of the track to meet the new vertical height of bridge, and clearing and grubbing along the right-of-way for temporary LIRR and PSEG – LI relocations. Construction of this bridge replacement began in May 2017 and was substantially completed in October 2019.

MTA Board Approves Contract for Transformative LIRR Modernization

Historic Project Will Improve Railroad Infrastructure, Eliminate Seven Street-Level Railroad Crossings, Improve Railroad Bridges, Add Third Track to Busiest LIRR Corridor The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board on Wednesday approved a design-build contract with 3rd Track Constructors (3TC), to complete the