Project Overview

East Hampton is a popular seasonal destination on the Montauk Branch. The station, built in 1895, has received several station enhancements, including new LED platform lighting, and its historic brick façade has been restored. The station interior has been renovated to preserve its 19th century charm – its wood paneling has been repaired, and historic photos of the station are on display in the customer waiting area. Other station enhancements include the installation of bulletin boards, CCTV security cameras, a heating system and restrooms; the station plaza has been enhanced to include benches, bike racks and digital information totems. These and other improvements are part of a broader LIRR initiative to support the growth and development of Long Island.

New Amenities at East Hampton Station

New amenities at East Hampton Station include benches, bulletin boards, digital information totems and Wi-Fi! The installation of platform lighting, railings and signage is in progress, as is the repair of the station’s wood paneling. A heating system and restrooms