Syosset Station Modernization Nears Completion

Syosset Station Enhancement 04-24-19The modernization and enhancement of Syosset Station, one of the Long Island Rail Road’s stations with more than 6,000 weekday customers, is nearing completion.

The brick façade, roof and windows have been installed at the new station building, and a glass facade has been installed at the building entrance on Jackson Avenue. Wood tiles have been installed on the underside of the roof, exterior lighting has been installed, and the installation of signage, fire and burglar alarm systems is in process. At the entrance plaza, MTA Arts & Design will soon install a new sculpture in the entrance plaza where new stamped concrete has been added. The retaining wall in the parking lot along the westbound platform is complete.

The entire project is expected to be completed in spring 2019. For more information about Syosset and other Long Island Rail Road stations currently being modernized, please visit the Syosset Station Enhancement project page on –