The Restored Stony Brook Station Building Is Now Open

Stony Brook Station Building Now Open 11-21-18The restored Stony Brook Station Building is now open! The roof is finished, exterior lighting and speakers have been installed, and the building has been repainted. Inside the building the ceilings, walls and windows are finished and a new floor has been installed. The information totem outside the station has been unwrapped and will be activated shortly, and new red paving bricks have been laid in the plaza. New tactile strips have been placed on the platforms, and the stairs leading from the westbound platform to the road between the station and the platform are finished, while the road has been repaved.

Site repaving is ongoing. Remaining work includes the activation of the AVPS (audio visual paging system) and CCTV cameras, bird deterrents and trash receptacles. Remaining station construction is expected to be completed by year-end.