Tom Fruin’s “Sail” (2019) Installed at Syosset Station

Syosset Station 05-24-19

Tom Fruin’s magnificent “Sail” (2019), a 21’ tall stainless steel and plexiglass sculpture, has been installed at the newly-modernized Syosset Station, where it serves as a welcoming gateway, signifying home, recreation and the area’s natural attractions. The colorful sail casts a kaleidoscope of colorful shadows in the daytime sun and transforms into a beacon of light at night.

The Syosset station serves many communities with a strong connection to the Long Island Sound and Oyster Bay, and Fruin’s sail sculpture, commissioned by MTA Arts & Design, celebrates this connection, which dates to the founding of Syosset and the surrounding area, when shipbuilding was a key local industry.

This installation follows other MTA Arts & Design installations, which can be found on the Guide to LIRR 2018 Art Installations –

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