Utility Relocations Continue at Urban and Covert Avenues

Utility Relocations 12-03-18Utility relocations continue at Covert Avenue Grade Crossing in New Hyde Park and Urban Avenue Grade Crossing in Westbury, the first two LIRR Expansion Project grade crossings to be eliminated. Utility relocations are precursors to the undergrade crossing work: before the under passages can be constructed, the utilities in those spaces must be moved out of the area. The work is being advanced to allow full street closures in Spring 2019.

The elimination of the LIRR’s street-level rail crossings, called grade crossings, has been underway since the 1980s along the Main Line. Seven grade crossings along this 9.8-mile corridor will be eliminated, which will dramatically improve safety for both LIRR customers and crew, as well as for motorists. Five of these grade crossings will have underpasses, allowing traffic to flow even when trains are passing overhead. Traffic along these crossings will see vast improvements, as crossing gates currently can close roadways for up to 30 minutes in a peak hour, contributing to significant congestion on local streets.