(VIDEO) Behind the Barricades: East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse

Who’s ready for a completely reimagined Penn Station? I know we are. Meet John Hyland, the executive director for the Long Island Rail Road at one of the largest transportation hubs in America.

John, who’s worked at Penn Station since 1986, oversees the work that’s going into making that reimagined station a reality. Let him take you through Penn’s not-so-distant past, and show you where we’re going as we create a brand new entrance at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue, while widening the LIRR concourse to nearly twice its current size, turning this underground train station into a modernized, world-class transportation space.

You may have noticed construction moving swiftly, as the passageway in the former Duane Reade space between the 34th Street entrance and the LIRR main concourse has been opened, providing increased pedestrian flow and track accessibility.

And there’s much more going on to see. “This is going to be a massive improvement for all of our customers,” John says. Watch it here:

For more information and construction photos, please visit the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse project page on AModernLI.com.