VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at Urban Avenue Bridge and Underpass Tunnel Installation

Significant progress continues on the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville. In an unusual feat of engineering that demanded precise coordination and a dedicated workforce over an uncomfortably hot weekend, the LIRR Expansion Project team jacked into place the new bridge structure at the Urban Avenue Grade Crossing in New Cassel. This integral piece of the LIRR modernization effort was completed over the course of a single weekend, as crews worked around-the-clock during a sweltering heatwave. Watch the video.

The elimination of the Urban Avenue grade crossing is part of the LIRR Expansion Project to strengthen the reliability of LIRR infrastructure and ultimately support the growth and development of Long Island. For more information, construction photos and architectural renderings, please visit the Urban Avenue Grade Crossing Elimination project page on –