Work Continues at a Brisk Pace at Linden Avenue Underpass in Floral Park

The Linden Avenue pedestrian underpass to the Floral Park Recreation Center is now closed so workers can prepare to replace it with a new structure to accommodate a third LIRR track, as part of the LIRR Expansion Project. The underpass, originally constructed in 1960, currently provides pedestrian access to the Floral Park Pool and Recreation Center from points north of the LIRR Main Line tracks.

Work to support excavation activities was completed in November, and the demolition of existing underpass walls and footings is underway. Once demolition is completed, construction will begin on the new underpass, with completion scheduled for March 2020.

The Floral Park Pool and Recreation Center is a valuable community resource and maintaining access to the facility remains a priority for the LIRR Expansion Project team. While the Linden Avenue Pedestrian Underpass is currently the only pedestrian access point from north of the LIRR tracks, the Pool and Recreation Center will remain accessible through other points on the south side of the tracks.

During the project’s environmental review process, the team reviewed various methods to guarantee continued access to the Pool and Recreation Center. The project team continues to coordinate closely with local elected officials, village representatives, and stakeholders to ensure Floral Park residents can continue to use this community resource unimpeded. The project team will keep stakeholders apprised of ongoing construction activity, so guests may plan their visits accordingly.

Replacement of the Linden Avenue Pedestrian Underpass is necessary to facilitate implementation of the new third track on the LIRR Main Line, which will help to strengthen the reliability and resiliency of the LIRR and support the growth and development of Long Island and the wider region. For more information and construction photos, please visit the Linden Avenue Pedestrian Overpass project page on